I played sports my entire life. From soccer to cross-country, I’ve always been a very active human. However, that changed when I got to college. I was so busy that I could hardly find time to think, let alone work out. Fast forward a couple years… I was an anxious and depressed insomniac with stress induced high blood pressure. Due to personal struggles and several life changing incidents, my physical and mental health were practically hanging on by a thread. I hadn’t felt like myself in over a year. I needed a change, real fast. I started thinking about the things I really loved.

I grew up inline skating and in high-school I taught the little kids in my neighborhood. Sadly,  I hadn’t seen my hot pink and purple Roces skates since I left for college. I went downstairs and unpacked the 90s blades and wrist guards (first worn and loved by my big sis) and took off down the road.

Then something crazy happened… 

The Style Operandi

M E N T A L  C L A R I T Y.  Skating down the street, I decided exactly how I was going to heal myself. I started seeing a therapist, taking natural supplements to help calm my mind and body and I started eating better. Finally, I decided I needed an outlet other than just inline skating and the spin classes I was taking. So, I joined Onelife Fitness KC.

Then something even crazier happened…

The Style Operandi

B O O M. I started working there! All of a sudden I had no choice but to be surrounded by healthy and happy people on a daily basis. Not only that, but routine physical fitness was the cherry on top of my holistic approach to kicking anxiety and depressions booty. Fast forward to today… I’m dedicated to helping others nurture their mind and body. I’ll stand firmly behind the statement that physical fitness can help combat mental health issues.

Then the craziest thing happened…

The Style Operandi

G E T T I N G  I T. All day. Every day. Well… Sort of. Deadlifts, squats, cardio hip hop, yoga, spinning and don’t forget, inline skating. I love it all! Thanks to my phenomenal trainer Kelsie Feagan, and the help of many other trainers and fitness gurus, there’s practically no workout that I wont try! In honor of the progress I’ve made since I joined Onelife Fitness (professionally and personally) I decided to document an afternoon on my blades. Sometimes the solutions to hardships are hidden. For me, I found answers when I resorted back to something I knew and loved. If it were not for that spur of the moment decision to lace up my skates, who knows where I would be. Now, I find answers and clarity in workouts and time spent strengthening my body.

The Style Operandi

Top & Shorts: Lucy // Skates & Wrist guards: Roces // Sunglasses: Ray Ban //

Berkley Riverfront Park // Photographer: Joe Knotts // CMKCMO

Sure, I still have my moments every now and then. However, as long as I stay active I know I can work it out.




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