South of Truman… Also known as SoT — A tasteful and artsy cocktail bar located in Downtown KC. It’s one of my favorite spots in KC and I’ll tell you why. Rarely do I find a gin cocktail that I can happily sip, and I’ve defiantly NEVER found one to match my personal style. I’ve been disappointed at some cocktail bars in KC recently because I feel they lack consistency and continuity. At SoT, I’m not just getting a delicious drink… I know I’ll receive an incredible experience.

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Photography by Joe Knotts // Styling by The Style Operandi

When I told Jay Sanders, General Manager and main mad drink scientist at SoT that I wanted to do an exclusive photo shoot there, he put effort and consideration into creating cocktails that matched the sweet and eclectic vision I had for the shoot.

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However, I wasn’t surprised because the bartenders are constantly cranking out thoughtful and beautiful cocktails for guests. Jay has recently moved on to new endeavors and will be the GM at Manifesto, but SoT launched their new spring menu this past week. The new menu includes beets, fresh local flowers, bright colors, teas, interactive presentations and fresh fruits.

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Ummmm… YES to all of those things. Their menu changes seasonally, but always seems to match the romantic and cozy vibes of the establishment. The bartenders are like mad scientists, creating drinks with bananas, butterfly pea extract and scorpion pepper dust (whatever the hell those are).

There is absolutely an art and talent to making craft cocktails and if you can get me to drink gin, you win.

SoT is the perfect spot for happy hour or just to gather with close friends or your best ladies. One of my baddest babes, Miriah Ludke, joined me for one of the best happy hour experiences I’ve ever had. However, it’s not just about the drinks. I love eclectic places that match my personal style in one-way or another (like my last post at YJ’s snack bar). For this particular shoot, I opted for a variety of new and vintage pieces with a street style meets designer vibe. Shop a variety of similar items below…

SoT is unique and funky. Unlike some of these cold establishments (literally and figuratively) that make me feel like if I sneeze I’m going to get kicked out, SoT feels like home… And that’s good enough for me.

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