As you all know, I’m no doctor… But I do feel that I can be a reference for people to go to when it comes to certain situations. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a tricky beast, especially for people who already suffer from depression. Although my SAD is not as intense as some others and occurs more in the spring than it does during winter, it still affects my day-to-day… Particularly whenever the seasons are lingering in the air. Lately, we’ve had days where the snow has suffocated newly sprouted flowers… And just picturing that makes me feel hopeless. However, I do feel as though I’ve found some tips and tricks on how to cope with SAD and depression in general.




As November draws to a close, I find myself being pulled in a direction of deep self-reflection. First, because I think it’s important for all of us to take a moment to be mindful of the space we are in as the holiday season approaches. Second, because we often times don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve, or the criticism. How can we truly know ourselves and celebrate all that we are as individuals if we don’t take a moment to examine where we are and why we’ve arrived at that particular place?



I started using Evan Healy products about a year and a half ago. The first cleanser that I used was the tea tree gel cleanser and it’s a dream. It’s perfect for congested skin. However, when my skin is cooperating I opt for something a little lighter like the one I mention in my video!

Once a week I use the Zum lemongrass sugar facial scrub because it’s a great way to exfoliate and it clears up all the dead and dry skin. We’re not perfect and our skin will always have moments of weakness. However, the green tea clay mask from Evan Healy is my ultimate skin remedy. I’ve come to love these natural products and have stopped with harsh treatments that end up making my skin worse over time.

Don’t forget your eye cream. I also use Zum under eye butter because not only does it make my eyes feel awake, it reduces the puffy bags I often get because of seasonal allergies. Most of these products can be found at Whole Foods Market.

You can check out these products and some of my other favorites below…


I played sports my entire life. From soccer to cross-country, I’ve always been a very active human. However, that changed when I got to college. I was so busy that I could hardly find time to think, let alone work out. Fast forward a couple years… I was an anxious and depressed insomniac with stress induced high blood pressure. Due to personal struggles and several life changing incidents, my physical and mental health were practically hanging on by a thread. I hadn’t felt like myself in over a year. I needed a change, real fast. I started thinking about the things I really loved. Continue reading WORK IT OUT