Cranking out content is important… I get it. But, I’ve always been dedicated to authenticity. So, when I say that sometimes it just takes a minute to get into your groove… I mean it. I typically only write when I’m feeling inspired and know that what I have to share with you is bigger than just some random musings. I want you to feel inspired, empowered and just a little more jazzed about getting out there and trying new things for yourself.

Recently I’ve been feeling very inspired by all things culture, lifestyle and art and there is no better place to wake up my brain cells and truly inspire me than Colorado.


A couple of weeks ago I made the trekk to Denver for a few days. I packed lightly and was ready to see more of what Denver had to offer. This time was different from the last, the call of the mountains was a bit louder and that landed me in some beautiful moments. One of my favorite Colorado adventures was my trip to Boulder… I fell in love with that town. Let’s just say the girl who has always had her eyes on New York miiiight just be having eyes on, well… Boulder (and that’s a big deal, y’all.)

I was lucky enough to wonder into what I think might be one of the coolest restaurants I have ever been to…. Emmerson Restaurant . I’ve been to some pretty amazing restaurants throughout Kansas City, NYC and Chicago, but Emmerson in Boulder absolutely won my heart (and my taste buds) over.

I’m now going to try to explain why…

Emmerson opened in August 2017 as a Cafe, Neo Bistro and Cocktail Bar and I must say it is all of those things and more. The craft cocktail list is extensive with vintage comic book style characters representing each drink… And just to really drive the whole “cool” argument home… There’s a fricken Mezcal cocktail called Queen of the South. You win, Emmerson.


One of the minds who helped craft all this coolness is Benjamin Foote, who was artfully preparing our cocktails for us as we chatted about tattoos, restaurants and other things life and style. I love hearing stories about how places like this started, especially when they are told by the people who cultivated them. There is a passion and joy that is all their own.


The interiors where retro meets vintage perfection with pops of light pink and a delicate mix of modern and eclectic…. Yeah yeah you know that’s my style.


Adventuring is fun, especially when you get to do it with people you love. Some of the coolest experiences I have ever had were because I let myself stumble through the randomness. Walking along Pearl Street, I had no idea where I wanted to go (other than Buffalo Exchange). I followed my senses and landed in the right place. Sometimes you have to trust the call of the mountains to guide you. When you do, you’ll end up in towns like Boulder and in spaces like the Emmerson Restaurant.

– Photos taken for TSO by Kyle Graas + Kinsey Cates



For over a month now, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing one of my best friends travel about Europe. Although I can only witness the fabulousness of her trip via Instagram and Facebook, there is no doubt she and her travel buddy are dominating the scene. Aside from their overall poise and beauté, we can learn several things from these les femmes fatales. First, it is quite possible to backpack through Europe and look amazing doing it. Equipped with some red lipstick, Madewell denim and Nike kicks, these two truly embody what it means to be chic. Second, it doesn’t have to be designer to look designer. By mixing and matching flea market finds, genuine Italian leather and trendy accessories, they look classy and sophisticated at a fraction of the cost. Third, being sexy isn’t about how much skin you can show. Choose wisely. Leave a little for the imagination. These ladies look absolutely stunning in mock turtlenecks and a simple pair of Chelsea boots.

When you have more time check out their personal IG’s and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. For now, feast your eyes on some photos they shot exclusively for The Style Operandi.

Sunglasses: Giaguaro Specular by RETROSUPERFUTURE // Scarf: Urban Outfitters

Mixing flea market goodies // Converse // Chelsea boots //  Shop similar items at Madewell & TopShop

Jacket: Bershka bomber jacket // Dress: ZARA

Sneakers: Nike


Why are you so obsessed with New York? That’s what everyone always asks. I take a deep breath and try to explain the reason why that city will always have my heart. There’s something about the beauty among all of the chaos. The lights that reflect off the busy sidewalks at night. It’s that smell when you get off the subway and then walk straight into a food truck that makes your mouth water. It’s the fashion on Fifth Ave and how the store windows give you goose bumps. It’s the trendiest kids in America sipping lattes in Washington Square Park. New York is like having the world at your fingertips. You can go anywhere you feel you fit in, be anyone you want to be, and lastly, no one will criticize you for being different. So, when people ask how in the world I could love a city so much, that’s what I say…


My recipe for success when it comes to visiting NYC is to do as the New Yorker’s do. Get this… I actually managed to eat and drink my way through NYC on a budget. Here are some of my recommendations about where to go when you’re in the city.


Some of my favorite places to hang and grab a bite to eat or a drink are Pianos, Dinner on Ludlow, pretty much anywhere in the LES and Hotel Chantelle. Jack’s Wife Freda. Jacob’s Pickles. Shake Shack. Le Pain Quotidien. Gina La Fornarina. Joanne Trattoria. Bryant Park Grill.


Oh… And that food truck in Columbus Circle, right next to the enterance of Central Park. Don’t forget about that.

What are some of your favorite restaurants and bars in NYC? Share in the comments below.