Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons. Even though I’m naturally drawn to cooler weather and crisp fall leaves, there’s something about a Kansas City summer that I love. I slip into The Emma Dress… It’s one of my favorite pieces in the latest Baldwin summer line and it’s ideal for the balmy 95+ degree weather that Kansas City natives are all too familiar with. I grab my Madewell bandana and tie it loosely around my neck to add a chic Americana vibe and head off to one of my favorite events in Kansas City, Boulevardia.


While we’re on the subject, what is your favorite item in your summer wardrobe? Leave your answers in the comments below!

When I arrive, I’m engulfed by the smell of food trucks and the sounds of Hembree playing on the main stage. I grab Kyle and wander through the crowd to catch the last few songs by this amazing KC band. Nostalgia hits me hard as I remember listening to some of these guys in their pre- Hembree days. It’s been a while since I last saw them live and it feels good to celebrate their success. The band line up is excellent this year, with bands like Guster and Sir Sly gracing the stage.

I take it all in, reminding myself to live in this moment of light, laughter and joy. I’ve got Boulevard Wheat in my hand and a whole lot of beauty right in front of me.


After the set ends, I take a lap around the grounds. My dress is hiding the sweat and the beer I’m spilling on myself. I plow through crowds of people in the Makers Market and scan over some of my favorite goods from Gypsy Bandits (if you’re a fan of Back Bite, these vintage threads are for you) and The Jeweled Gypsy truck.


I can’t help but notice how wonderful this event is for the KC community. It allows people to celebrate art, music, culture, food and all of the little things that make life so nice. I truly believe if we could all learn to love our every day surroundings just a bit more, we might actually have a chance at finding happiness.


Speaking of local makers, I had the pleasure of hosting my TSO pop up shop at one of Kansas City’s most iconic events, First Friday’s in the KC Crossroads. Accompanied by two very talented friends, we had everything from handmade candles and crochet tops to new and pre-owned designer clothing. It was a fantastic way to engage with the community and fellow artists. I certainly hope Kansas City continues to cultivate these types of events, because I’ll be attending as many as possible.


The Boulevard Jam Band Berry Ale is fully stocked, our Western Auto sign is back in all its retro glory, and life as a KC lady is pretty good.

– Photos taken for TSO by Kyle Graas + Kinsey Cates

Kansas City, MO, USA

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