There are stories, memories, ideas, wants and needs behind why we wear what we wear. Your clothes are a reflection of your soul and spirit. No matter what kind of journey you are on or what season of your life you are in, people deserve to feel confident about the clothes they ALREADY own.

2 hours / $100

We’ll go piece by piece and evaluate what you love, what you thought you loved but never wore, and what needs to go. I’ll style 3 outfits of your choice, either for work, an event or everyday. We’ll also reincorporate the pieces you love but haven’t been wearing. Sometimes another set of eyes can do a lot of good.

$20 x hour

Want to create a customized and unique look for your next event, photo shoot or special occasion? We can choose from pieces that you already own, shop for new threads or choose from a selection of TSO pieces. Check out the looks below to see a few fashion and personal styling projects from the past.

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