When I was a little girl I went to my grandmother’s house every afternoon. I spent these afternoons adventuring in her backyard and watching her make the most delicious apple sauce known to man. No, I never found big foot or any hidden treasure and I have yet to make the perfect batch of apple sauce. However, somewhere between my adventures and cooking lessons, I picked up a magical little “book” called Vogue. Here’s to the brands, people and styles that started it all. I’ve always been drawn to styles that stand out. Although I was once mocked for wearing things that were “too daring” I’ve stuck to my guns and it has paid off. When I was five years old I got my first pair of Dr. Martens. They were gold and bold and amazing. I grew to love that brand because they appealed to the weirdo’s, the rebels and the kids that stood out. They appealed to the kids like me. It’s no surprise that I rock the same classic 1460 style boots even today (just a little bigger). 

The punk/grunge scene of the 90s was a big inspiration in my life. It’s still the fuel to many of my fires and you’re likely to find very 90s inspired items in my closet. However, between my plaid shirts and liquid leggings you’ll find one of my most beloved brands, Lacoste. I love the simplicity and classic look of Lacoste. It’s clean, classy and Euro-chic.

Among all of the lessons I learned throughout my childhood, the most important was to always march to the beat of my own drum. I’m less concerned about what people wear and more concerned with how they wear it.

It’s easy to dress well when you have unlimited funds and access to the trendiest new pieces. What matters more is how you make outfits authentically you. You should always feel confident and stick to your own path. Hell, you might even inspire a few people along the way.


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