Simon & Garfunkel were not wrong when they sang, “it’s the springtime of my life” because I adore winter. There’s something about the chilly air and bleak scenery that soothes my soul. Call me crazy, but it actually motivates me and is yet another method to my madness. So, for the people who don’t like winter, one question… What’s in your wardrobe?


Sweater: Madewell // Hat: Spyder


I’m convinced that many of people’s opposition to winter is simply because they don’t have the proper necessities to accompany them throughout these cold months. There is nothing like the first snowfall, especially during the holiday season. I was lucky enough to travel to Denver for Christmas and I’m certainly glad I packed some of my best cold weather threads.


Boots: Overland Sheepskin Co. // Overalls: Madewell // Hat: Athleta

  Last winter I teamed up with Joe Knotts (founder and creator of Creative Media) and we captured some of my other go to looks for the colder months.

The Style Operandi

One of my favorite winter pieces will always be my faux fur vest from Banana Republic and 100% wool leggings. It keeps you warm, looks chic and can be dressed up or down. My leather gloves are vintage Fratelli Orsini and are a must-have for winter!

The Style Operandi

I live in these overalls from Madewell because they’re so easy to style. This wool cape scarf is basically a blanket that you can wear! Throw it over your favorite dress or t-shirt and you have a stylish way to stay cozy. I recommend this winter goodie to anyone who gets cold easily.

The Style OperandiRunning errands in NYC can be painfully cold during winter. A bold statement jacket in any color (green, red, blue, etc) can be fun for any occasion. My beanie from Athleta is warm and versatile and adds a pop of color to any casual outfit.

Many of these items can work wonders for your winter wardrobe and for those of you who hate winter, you’ll be ready to brave the elements in style.

Stay warm, my friends.


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