We love and are endlessly grateful for the lessons and values our mothers taught us… But tonight I’m taking a moment to celebrate the ways our mamas have impacted us via fashion and personal style.

For some of us, our mothers have been the closest to our hearts, minds, and actions and they share a bond with us that is unrivaled.  Designers like Jeremy Scott, Angela Missoni and Michael Kors all credit their mothers for inspiring them the most.

And I must say… I agree with them. My mother is my muse.

I often recreate and reincorporate my mothers iconic 1970s fashion pieces into a majority of my looks. I’m obsessed with the items she wore while engulfed in the beauty of that era. Because of her, I’ve learned to love quality pieces over quantity and respect the idea that when it comes to statement pieces and accessories, sometimes less is more. This chamois jacket was purchased at a North Beach boutique in SF in 1974.

Photography by Nicole Bissey // Styling by The Style Operandi // Makeup by Maria Flowers

In addition to what some of the worlds most famous designers had to say about their mothers, I asked a few women how they would define their mothers style…

 “My mom is my role model and the main reason I have the style I have today. She’s trendy, inspiring and cool. This Easter she picked out my jumpsuit and I’m in love with it.” – Fashion Model, Braydie Elliott

Braydie Elliott

“My mom has a Colorado mountain lady vibe… She’s natural, flowy and athletic.” – Yoga Instructor + Adventuress, Ali Judy

Ali Judy

“My mother dresses for herself. She’s simple, classic and honest.” – Blogger and Designer, Courtney Newell

“My mom has always been elegant, chic and comfortable in her own skin.” – Holistic Lifestyle Blogger, Amy McDaniel

“She’s everything 90s prairie tomboy.” – Singer/ Songwriter, Terrah Schultz

Terrah Schultz

Our mothers have shown us some of the most classic styles and inspired our aesthetics. Aside from being graceful, classy and timeless, my mother taught me that one of the best ways to express myself or my feelings was through the outfits I wore.

Leslie Cates

Leslie Casterman Cates // Mama of The Style Operandi

Some of my most beloved accessories were passed down to me from my mother and grandmothers. Often I mimic my mothers love of Southwest styles and colors into my outfits. From Native American jewelry to concho belts and turquoise… These are some of my staple pieces.


Photography by Nicole Bissey // Styling by The Style Operandi


Photography by Nicole Bissey // Styling by The Style Operandi // Makeup by Maria Flowers

Tonight I want to thank all mothers, and mine in particular, for being our muses.



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