I consider my style to be pretty eclectic. From the outfits I wear, to the meals I eat… I’m not a creature of habit. I also LOVE to step out of my comfort zone every now and then. My outfits incorporate a variety of vibes. However, I didn’t always dress like this. I remember the days when the styles I love and the looks that define me didn’t always go over well.


Sweater: Joie // Watch: Michael Kors // Bandana: Madewell

I remember walking out of my room in a Canadian tuxedo, fur vest, black booties and probably a few turquoise rings. This outfit sounds absolutely “normal” nowadays, but in 2009…? Try again.

My friend looked at me skeptically, “is this okay?” I asked. “NO” she said. I could feel my heart fall out of my butt.

But that’s besides the point. No, the idea isn’t to brag about how “progressive” or fashion forward I was at the time. The point is for me to encourage you to not let anyone tell you what’s okay and what’s not okay when it comes to how you express yourself.


For example, my religious bracelets have always been very important to me because they show a little bit of my heart and soul. The one pictured above was a gift from a dear friend and it’s a simple way to incorporate my faith into my every day… It’s also one of my favorite statement pieces. One of my favorite things about fashion is that it allows you to communicate your mood and more importantly, who you are. From whimsical to tailored, I dress based on how I feel, what I’m doing and where I’m going. I layer gold and silver jewels and integrate pops of color with textured pieces and various patterns. I’m happiest when I’m wearing a cozy oversized sweater and I live for cool days and warm sunshine.


Shoes & Jeans: Madewell

So, as we transition from cold winter days to springtime, lets take some risks with our wardrobes. You call the shots. After all, you might be more fashion forward than you think or on track to setting the next trend. Sure, sometimes it might take a minute for you to find your rhythm, but don’t ever be afraid to mix it up.


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