The Style Operandi is all about sharing and celebrating the journey that others are on… I’m here to help facilitate those stories. However, sometimes you just let people take the reins. So, here’s Maggie… Our featured femme fatale.

Prince said something I think of often…

“Cool means being able to hang with yourself. All you have to ask yourself is ‘Is there anybody I’m afraid of? Is there anybody who if I walked into a room and saw, I’d get nervous?’ If not, then you’re cool.”

Style is the cool elixir. It’s social armor. If you’re feeling your fit, nobody can intimidate you. How I dress is no different, and it’s funny how we even got here. My style is the surprise result of adapting to life’s curveballs. I know- it sounds weird… But it’s true. It’s odd to realize that the whimsy I crave in clothing is seemingly the direct result of a former darkness.


I used to wear all black- entire outfits, and black hair to match. I took myself so seriously. I hated my body. I had zero concept of self love. You know how they say “what’s bad for your heart is good for your art”? That’s true. I have to credit heartbreak a little- I had my feelings hurt badly and just COULD NOT live any longer in my body as I knew it, and that included what I was wearing (we almost had to throw the whole Maggie away, lol).


Pink Two Piece: Club Exx

A remodel was coming and it wasn’t for anyone else. I knew I had changed inside and the outside had to reflect that change. I wanted to feel lightness instead of the heavy dark I’d been used to, I began craving color. My taste in music changed. I had to shed my old skin I’d lived in too long in.

For the first time I felt truly alive in more revealing cuts, in pastels, in sparkles, and just about anything with a sense of humor.

I find the purest joy in festival wear because it allows me to see MYSELF how I feel internally. Y’all, what a feeling! People think I’m extra but I just feel blah any other way.


Top: Little Black Diamond // Bra: bedazzled by Maggie // Shorts: J. valentine

I think we should dress in what and for what makes us happy. This is just a meat shell our souls live inside, why should we be content to be bored with it?

Romper: J. Valentine // Hat: Dollskill // Boots: Demonia

Make sure to follow Maggie on IG // @glitterdagger // and keep up with all her amazing outfits and musings…


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