My passion for being a life and style blogger runs deep, but it’s not only because of my own lifestyle. I celebrate the methods and talents of others and I’m always fueled by events and spaces that cultivate individuality. Last Wednesday I visited Indie on Main (connected to The Midland Theatre) for their first acoustic open mic night. The moment I entered the cozy corner bar at 12th and Main, I was engulfed in the sweet sound of folk singer-songwriter and guest host, Jessica Paige.

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Jessica Paige // Photographer : Calvin Hoeun // Photo access from Indie on Main

“I wanted to bring out as many talented people as possible because there are a lot of different sounds coming out of Kansas City right now,” Said Jessica, “and I want to always encourage artists to share their music no matter what genre.”

I took my seat and glanced over the newest list of winter cocktails. I was pleasantly surprised because instead of ordering my drink from the bar, their new Marketing Coordinator, Sydney Coldiron took my drink order.

“I’m creating an environment that supports and fosters creativity and artistry,” Explained Coldiron, “a place where everyone can come together and feel comfortable sharing their talents.”

As I sipped my Captain Morgan Holiday Punch by candlelight, I watched local musicians pile in and make themselves comfortable. Buzzing around the room with her iconic pink locks was singer songwriter Crystal Clayton, who preformed an angelic version of the Alicia Keys favorite, “If I Ain’t Got You”.

Vibes transitioned from relaxed and romantic to funky and upbeat when rapper Kemet the Phantom took the mic. Kemet is also a member of KC band, The Phantastics but on Wednesday he was accompanied by talented musicians like Lucas Parker, who beatboxed and played guitar.

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Kemet the Phantom // Photographer : Calvin Hoeun // Photo access from Indie on Main

“I’ve been to several open mic nights around the city, but a lot of them are always so dry and cold. Jessica broke down the barrier and made everyone feel unified.”

The friendly bartenders cranked out Cranberry Mules, Cinnamon Spritzers and other mouth-watering holiday sips, but what I also loved about the evening was the energy from such a centralized location. Indie Bar is open regardless if there’s a show at the Midland. I worked across the street and lived around the corner for a year and a half. Before Coldiron joined the Midland team and launched this event, people didn’t even know Indie Bar was a thing.

“I’m a promoter of all things women led because they have a different touch and such a welcoming vibe,” Concluded Kemet.

And I couldn’t agree with him more. From what I’ve gathered from several different artist who attended on Wednesday, Coldiron has changed the trajectory of the typical Wednesday night for downtown KC. Indie Bar just might become the best place for musicians all over Kansas and Missouri to jam. The Wednesday night event is already pulling in singers from places like Nevada Missouri and young talents like Jordan Mackenzie.

“Whether people are new to the game or veterans, I want them to immediately feel welcome,” Coldiron added. “It’s like hosting your own house party, you just want everyone to have a good time!”

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Photographer : Calvin Hoeun // Photo access from Indie on Main

I had a fabulous time and open mic night will be back again this Wednesday (tomorrow) at 8pm sharp! Kadesh Flow will be hosting AND BONUS, I’ll be selling lots of winter goodies at my first ShopTSO pop-up. Come grab a drink and finish last-minute holiday shopping all while celebrating authenticity, creativity and local talent.



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