Hair… Curly, Straight, Wavy, Fine… Our hair plays an integral part in who we are and can even help us define our personal style. When you see someone with curly, bouncy hair, sometimes they even have personality traits to accompany it. Pink hair is daring, straight hair is controlled… The list could go on.

I’ve chopped, curled, permed, braided and sometimes even neglected my hair. I find that women are always trying different hair care products, serum, mists etc. One of my best friends is currently in a love affair with her hair, doing routine oil treatments and hair masks in order to restore it to the most perfectly natural state. Regardless if it’s store bought, self-made or one of the most expensive products at the salon, every woman has that drawer of “hair stuff” both used and unused. Less than a year ago, I came across some hair care products that changed my life.

After adding these products into my every day routine, my hair has transformed, become healthier, more vibrant and ultimately it’s just more fun! These dreamy products I’m speaking about were created by KC native, Rhonda Cavner and are packaged and made in the U.S (Hawaii to be specific).

Kanani is packed full of smelly good botanicals and certified organic ingredients. Rhonda created Kanani curl care in 2011 and it hit the shelves of Roca Salon and Spa in 2015. These products are a hidden gem for wavy, curly and even those with straight and fine hair. Not only that, they are incredibly affordable. From the “piece out” hair wax, to the thermal humectant transfoam, these products not only leave your hair smelling amazing, but the added shine is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s blessed me with hydrated, defined and thick curls… And that’s only the beginning.


Photographer: Alec Walworth

There are over thirty amazing products to choose from and all of them can be tailored to your specific hair type depending on your desired result. Aside from the shampoo and conditioner, I use the “piece out” curl sculpt and the trans foam which is great for when I want to diffuse my hair. However, in warmer months when my hair is air-drying all I need is the curl magic gel, which is also great for fine hair.

Lucky for you, Roca Salon and Spa is giving you 20% off of all products and services for new customers and 15% off all products (including Kanani) and all you have to do is use code “styleoperandi” and let them know I referred you.



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