You might know me as The Chia Babe, or Rachel. I’m a West coast gal who made my way to the Midwest as an athlete in St. Louis, MO. Today I reside in Kansas City, MO. 5 years ago, this is never where I thought I would be! I’ve learned life has a crazy way of bringing us to our purpose. My journey to health and my career has had many ebbs and flows. It all began with fitness competitions. I competed heavily as a bikini competitor for 3 years. Meticulously counting my macros, making sure I had enough chicken in the freezer for the week and drizzling endless amounts of chemical laden “sugar free” syrups on my food just go get by without adding calories.


Rachel aka The Chia Babe // Wearing Nike from head to toe.

I learned a lot through competitions, I learned discipline, hard work and how to make “food” taste good without calories. What I learned from leaving the competition world was much bigger. I learned to love myself, despite my imperfections. I learned that counting calories doesn’t matter as much as counting ingredients.
It’s crazy to think about what my perspective of “healthy” was back then compared to where it is now. I chose macros and chemicals over real food and ingredients.
But I remember the exact day my mindset shifted and my life was forever changed. My
boyfriend, Drew asked me, “so do you know what’s in that sugar-free Walden Farms syrup you use?” I was like, “yeah, nothing!” HAHA “No calories, no sugar, its awesome!”
Then Drew explained the chemical aspartame to me..I was shocked I couldn’t believe I was eating chemicals for the sake of taste and zero calories. I never really thought about what was IN the food I was eating just the macros and the calories.

I’ve learned that there’s another level of health. Healthy is loving yourself, healthy is saying good things to yourself, healthy is your thoughts, healthy is more than just surface level. For the first time in years I feel pretty without makeup, I understand that loving myself is taking care of my body with real food, self loving thoughts and gratitude. From there my passion grew tremendously for holistic nutrition. I was still in a corporate job as an IT Recruiter, chasing my passion daily anytime I had a break from the grind. I spent 4 years of my life in a career I thought I wanted, but eventually it suffocated my soul. I was climbing the corporate ladder with Recruiting/Staffing, but my life lacked real passion and meaning. I was scared to change my life but most of all to fail. I continued this path but eventually I couldn’t ignore the truth any longer, I found myself being distracted at work by sharing a healthy lifestyle with others through nutrition and health. I would use my lunch breaks to read books, articles, and podcasts about nutrition.


Sports Bra: Nike // Leggings: Beyond Yoga

Moving forward to make a chance was scary as shit. But the reality was if I didn’t change something I did everyday of my life would never change. For me visualizing myself happy, healthy, and full of passion was the key to this change. Towards the end of my corporate job I would literally daydream picturing myself as a nutrition coach, yoga teacher and adventurer. Today this is my reality. You have to picture it to believe it is possible in your mind before you can achieve it.

Flash forward to today: I am living my dream as a nutrition coach, teacher and traveler. My soul feels free, I feel completely alive and I live a life full of passion and purpose. I know what its like to feel stuck, paralyzed by fear but know that it will all go away as soon as you take on step. Just one, one moment at a time.
Action will bring you the clarity and confidence you’re seeking. The more action you take the less you’ll feel. The more you visualize the life you want the closer it becomes to being reality. My gift to you is to share my experience and let you know there’s always hope, it’s never ending. Today some of you may be living a “reactive” mindset. Like I once did, you follow along with whatever is happening, you do whatever the people around you are doing. But maybe today you’re also realizing you do that because it’s easy, because it’s comfortable… What are you passionate about? There becomes a point where your passion is so great that it not only pushes you out of your comfort zone but also pushes you to share your passion with others despite their opinions too! It’s crazy the amount of push back I got initially and still do to this day about healthy eating and nutrition…

But instead of backing off and letting that fog my passion I became proactive. This is what you must remember for yourself too.

Create an opportunity for yourself despite the circumstances around you. This will feel better, and provide better results. Before you know it people will be reaching out to you for advice and guidance because they see someone who didn’t give up and stayed dedicated to their passion and purpose.
Why I’m telling you this and my point… it’s easier to just drift along with the reactive stream of life. And if you want to be proactive you may have to take the lead despite the circumstances. Living proactively is so much more rewarding and exciting. People might not catch on right away but eventually your passion becomes the change in someone’s life. My passion in life is the gift of nutrition, I believe everyone has the right to choose their health. You can make changes starting today. It’s never too late.


Here are my tips for a life full of health, passion and purpose.

In the end we don’t have control over what happens to us, but we do have control over
how we respond. We DO have the ability to live a happier, healthier and more successful
life when we choose to respond with positivity.

Our attitude, just like our physical body,
requires effort, consistency and conditioning to stay fit.

Positive Affirmations or the way I like to look at it, is subconscious programming.
Seriously, try it! Positive affirmations literally change the subconscious mind and create
a health, loving, self-image. An example, “Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and
health.” So tomorrow wake up and replace some of those old negative thinking patterns
with positive subconscious thoughts.

Your thoughts and stress affect every cell in your body, physically! Were full of trillions of microbes. In fact these microbes that fill us have the ability to dictate our thoughts,
moods and everyday life. Essentially we have the ability to work in harmony with our
cells and keep them thriving. In return well-being is good, we’re happy, we’re peaceful.
On the other hand if we don’t take care of them we can also experience a different life
that’s not so peaceful. The life that strips away from these good microbes without even
knowing it. Things like highly processed foods, antibiotics, everyday hygiene habits,
toxins in the environment and again.. Stress. So how do we keep these microbes in line
and in harmony?

1. Your diet- Your microbiome has the ability to change almost instantly based on the foods
we eat. It’s important to aim for foods that have fiber, nutrients and are whole. For me its whole foods, mostly plants. Emphasis should be on prebiotic. Prebiotics are like a
fertilizer to your garden and in this case your gut. These specific fibers will help nourish
your gut and create a healthy garden.
2. Keep Antibiotics away if possible – yes, antibiotics will kill off the bad bacteria for
infections etc. But they also wipe out your good bacteria. This includes meat that has
been fed antibiotics.
3. A daily probiotic- If your gut needs to be replenished from stripped microbes chances are
you need some probiotics. Look for ones that provide several different strains, and can
survive through stomach acid. Life Equals has a really great probiotic.

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4. Movement that makes you happy- Whether this is dancing, yoga, soccer, walking, pole.
Whatever it is that helps you decompress.. Do it! Your microbes are more diverse when
you are moving that body.

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Take care of you…

It’s easy in today’s world to get burnt out, worried, over think. Make sure you’re putting the
important things first and learn to say no and make your health a priority.
Laugh, take time to appreciate the little things, and remember, health is more than what’s at the
end of our forks. It’s also what were thinking and saying.
Do more of what you love each day and watch your inspiration come back.

Know your WHY.

Why do you want to become a writer, coach, or nurse? When you know your WHY you’re
more focused on your purpose and what’s important. At the time you’re also able to stay
away from distractions.
Knowing your WHY also makes you feel more passionate about where you’re going and WHAT
you’re doing.
This should excite you! Something that has the power to pull you, not something that has to
PUSH you…
People who know their WHY are unstoppable. When you’re on a mission, you’re full of passion
and have direction, people wont bother trying to influence you.
YOUR WHY HAS TO BE GREATER than your excuses. Remember, if it was was easy everyone would do it. Choose to follow your dreams. Dare to be different. Your purpose should be something that lights a fire in you.